More From the Chiang Mai Flower Festival

I made an effort to photograph boys and men at this event – really, I did! Unfortunately, Thai men simply do not make particularly interesting subjects – certainly not when compared to Thai women of any age.

_DSC0440.jpg _DSC0442.jpg
_DSC0458a.jpg _DSC0249.jpg

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  1. friskodude says:

    I’m glad you’re a married man, and I think Kelly is a doll, but weren’t you even tempted by those treats? Come on, fess up. Anyway, Kelly never reads this blog, so she’ll never know.

  2. piredude says:

    Tempted? Oh yeah… without a doubt. And yes, Kelly does read 🙂

  3. friskodude says:

    Can’t you just ban Kelly from reading your blog, and then let guys have a conversation about guy things, without having chicks barge into our conversation?

    And any more notes on Joe or Eric?

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