Temples and Palaces

I already have w-a-y more photos than I have time to post them on my blog.

q_palace_1.jpg q_palace_2.jpg
q_palace_4.jpg q_palace_3.jpg

We visited the Grand Temple and the King’s Palace yesterday, where we saw a gorgeous Thai dance.

q_dance_6.jpg q_dance_7.jpg

All of the images I have posted thus far are unaltered from the original camera shot with the exception of having scaled them down a bit for the web. I do not have a copy of PhotoShop with me, so I can’t perform my usual magic. That’s about to change though, because in about five hours, we will be arriving in Chiang Mai, where my friend Chris waits with his Mac Powerbook.

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  1. Andrew Johnstone says:

    We had dinner with Jack and Tres last night, and were talking you up big-time. I can tell we are going to have the honking; big o’l, megga delux slide show when you get back.
    The reclining Buddha is jaw dropping.
    Have fun kids.

  2. CochiseAZ says:

    Beautiful images. So it seems the D70 is worth its weight while travelling? 🙂

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