Say Wat?

We hired a long boat for an eye-opening tour through the canals of Bangkok. These whacky, unweildy boats can be seen zipping up and down the river all day. They’re fine – as long as they’re going straight. Turning presents a challenge for a boat with a long drive shaft attached to the boat about six feet above the water line. Things tend to tilt wildly at the slightest hint of a turn.

On the canals of Bangkok, structures range from sublime to squalid.

zlong_boat_1.jpg zsublime.jpg

We visited Wat Arun – the tallest in Bangkok, where I stuggled to suppress an almost overwhelming urge to dangle my doll.

z_arun_2.jpg z_buddha_3.jpg zdangle.jpg

We sweated through the heat and humidity at Wat Pho, where we visited the enormous reclining Buddha. (Sorry Joe – your advice about the massage comes a bit too late.) We ran out of steam before making it to the Grand Palace – a trip we’ll make this afternoon.

zbuddha_1.jpg ztemple_1.jpg zkelly_1.jpg

Afterward, Kelly treated herself to a massage and facial at the local spa. See how content she looks? In the evening, we scouted out the local restaurants. We have more or less settled on lord Jim’s in the nearby Oriental Hotel for dinner tonight – and not JUST because of the catchy name!

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  1. friskodude says:

    Great post and I’ll be closely following your travels over the next two weeks. I took the liberty to provide a link to your blog on my blog………

  2. Tres says:

    What a great time you two are having. And so are we now that we have the keys to your pad (snicker snicker snort)

    Missing you both, keep up the good fun and don’t forget to catch a good show on Patpong Road 🙂
    Tres and Jack

  3. Ali Solari says:

    PIRE~! I want to see a picture posted of you dangling your doll, and, in polite dress too … Ha! Great to see your blog entries. Hope you are having fun-we all miss you at work. Hello to Kelly! ~SOLARI.

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