Working at Home

Image12gemfine.jpgI’m working at home today. We’re having the tub refinished, (results) and someone needs to be here. Of course this is cool, because it gives me a moment to post another image from my past.

I know you’re all dying to see a picture from my year in Diego Garcia. I believe this was taken in 1987. Yup – that’s me! Thin AND tan – a combination that you are not likely to see again any time soon, because – as many of you already know – I hate the sun.


  • al

    Hi, im a travelling surfer, currently working as an English teacher in Japan. I was hoping to visit diego garcia next year. Your page came up on a google search I did, and I was hoping you could contact me with any info about if its possible to visit this island. thanks. al

  • Steve

    As a USN Sailor for 8+ years, I always had heard bad things about D.G. I hadn’t seen any pictures of it, or heard anything good about it for that matter. The Google Earth link you provided showed me that I missed out. I never had the opportunity to get stationed there, but if I weren’t married, I would have jumped on any opportunity. Truly beautiful, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    “Stealing A Nation” – John Pilger.

    Look it up! Glad you enjoyed yourself though, dude….

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