Returning to Wisconsin Next Month

DSC02285.jpg DSC02286.jpg

Kelly and I will be back in Wisconsin from September 23rd through the 29th. Woo-hoo! As always, we have a lot to cram into this short trip. I’ll be bringing all of my photo gear because I have been asked to photograph my good friends Huns and Dr. Beeker. We’ll be using the shots on their upcoming CD! I’m also going to try and get super high quality shots of Steve David’s latest acquisition, the stunning 1962 Studebaker Grand Turismo shown here. We also need to spend as much time as possible with Eric and Bonnie Erickson and their horses, visit my sister and her family in Franklin, visit Jim and Wendy Rowe in Madison, and of course, meet up with all the gang at John’s Main Event at least once or twice. 🙂

See you all (again) soon!


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