One More From Diego Garcia

cormorant_1.jpgThis shot was taken on board the American Cormorant – one of a dozen or so “Maritime preposition ships” permanently stationed in the lagoon. This ship, affectionately known as “Big Red” for obvious reasons, had the unique ability of submerging itself to a depth sufficient to off-load the smaller boats sitting on its deck.

I was on board to install a ship-to-shore communications antenna for my part-time employer – Cable and Wireless, Diego Garcia. I really wish I had taken more pictures of the work I did, because it involved climbing to the top of the tallest mast on the ship with a 10 foot antenna and a heavy coaxial cable in one hand. I suppose I must have been wearing some sort of safety gear, but I don’t remember . I installed these antennas on several of the ships stationed here.

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