A Searchable, Highly Accessible Image Repository

jim_canyon.jpgI spent most of Sunday afternoon going through hundreds of old negatives and slides. When I have the time, it’s my goal to digitize many of the more interesting images and get them up on the blog. Once they’re on my blog, I’ll have instant access to all of them. I’ll be able to search for them and access them from anywhere in the world.

There are so many cool and useful things about a blog – I think everyone should have one. Know what I mean?


  • Wendy

    Who IS that guy? And what has he done with the dude?


  • Wen.

    And yes, everyone should have a blog…now if I can just get out of this writer’s-block-rut I’m in, there will actually BE something on my site to read! Arrrgh….


  • thedude

    Hey now! Thedude WAS actually thin once. Wait ’til you see the next picture I post! 🙂

  • Huns

    Jim – I love the new masthead. That’s very much like what Beek and I are hoping to have on our CD cover. Except of course, it would be a picture of us, not you.

  • friskodude

    I’m having a great time with my little blog, and agree that everyone should have a personal blog. You can get a free blog from Google and it only takes a few minutes to get up and running. And everyone must register to post comments, so I’ve never had a problem with spam.

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