Wonderful Wisconsin


Last week’s trip to my home state was the best ever. Everything I did exceeded expectations. I just wish Kelly had been there. Of course, 4 days in July during some of the nicest weather I’ve ever known in that state might be a bit misleading. It’s one thing to talk about Wisconsin winters – quite another to actually experience one.

barn_1.jpg caesar_2.jpg chestnut_2.jpg psycho_1.jpg
match_box_cart_2.jpg diver_dan_.jpg jimmyd_1.jpg steve_cooks.jpg
kalvin_close.jpg johns_4.jpg huns_beek_1.jpg erik_rides.jpg
horse_beer.jpg horsie_2.jpg vooner_1.jpg barn_2.jpg

Thanks to everyone who made this such a delightful trip. I loved every minute of it!

To view the best of the rest of the 500+ images I shot on this trip click here. Note that the images on this link as well as on this page have been scaled down from the originals. If you’d like a print of anything you see here, please see my Ofoto album.


  • Kalvin

    It was a great weekend and wonderful to see you and all the “Burlingtonites” again. I can’t wait until the next time.

    Kalvin (with the scary eyes)

  • Cindy

    Kevin – If it makes you feel any better, I don’t remember you looking like that on Friday night!

    Jimbo – It was great seeing you (and everyone else). Connie, Nancy and I also wish Kelly would have been with you – we’d love to meet her!


  • oh-ann

    What, no pictures of me and Lexi???? Now we’ll never give you your lighter back!!

  • Psycho

    Jimbo, Pic’s look great. Mine would have looked better with a good flash 🙂

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