New York Images

By now, I know that some of you have already seen some of the pictures of our New York trip. Unfortunately, the tiny Ofoto thumbnails just do not do justice to the images – UNLESS you get them printed, that is. Well, in order to fix this sorry situation, I’m posting some higher resolution images. I’m going to EMBED these on the page so that you can view them full screen in the browser of your choice. (Of course, Opera is by FAR the best browser for viewing images.)

I did something else I have done only once before on this site. I compressed the thumbnail images somewhat along the y-axis in order to get four of them to fit across the page. (If this upsets any of you terribly, please let me know.)

And so, I bring you a few of thedude’s favorites – in no particular order. (Apologies to those who have been crying for more pictures of thedude and fewer of Kelly – wherever you are.)

131_3142.jpg 131_3148.jpg 132_3249.jpg 132_3293.jpg
133_3314.jpg 131_3123.jpg god_bless.jpg
132_3254.jpg 132_3259.jpg 133_3352.jpg 133_3352.jpg


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