Unbelievably Cool VR Tours

Thanks to Carl Parkes for introducing me to this stunning web site. The site features breathtaking full-screen Quicktime VR images. The technical quaility of the images is the best I have seen, and the locations are amazing. The image that originally caught Carl’s eye is a full 360 degree view taken from the inside of a shipwreck in Bali!

Thedude says check it out!


  • wendy

    That is soooo cool!!!! I must try that shipwreck after a couple glasses of vino…:-)

  • JP

    This shot is totally amazing. I am so jealous. I would have done the same thing, while driving over the bridge, figuring out the timing and how many shots I could take….. love it!!!!! John

  • The Chief


    It has been sometime since we last talked. I’m now living in Charlotte, NC and working at the Electric Power Research Institute. Where is the old dude web cam?


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