Arizona Cactus

The story behind this shot begins on a trip to Arizona to inspect the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant. (Hmmm… fodder for future posts.) Anyway, I saw the heavy weather coming from my lonely hotel room, so I pointed my rental car out of town looking for a good spot to stop and shoot a totally amazing picture of the constant lightening. Trouble was, I had to stay in the car to keep from getting drenched and keep the camera steady for the duration of the time exposures. My solution was to jam the camera up in the power window and shoot from passenger seat on the the shoulder of Highway 10. To make it just a bit more challenging, the shutter on my Konica point-and-click would only stay open a maximum of 3 seconds, which explains why I have 75 pitch black slides and this one.

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  • Cindy

    Very cool picture! I’m sure you also stayed in the car so that you didn’t get struck by the lightening! There was a show on Discovery a while ago about photographers who specialize in lightening. This one guy had been struck on serveral occasions, but kept going back for more.

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